A business website is one of the best things you can do for your Small or Medium enterprise. Studies have shown that 60% of consumers expect businesses to have a website, and it is an unspoken truth that if a business does not have a digital presence it doesn’t exist.

However, just having a website isn’t enough, business owners are expected to take it one step further and provide their potential consumers with a Secure Website platform to browse and inquire from.

Having a secure site means obtaining an SSL Certificate which turns your http web address into an https web address. What this means is that all the data that your website receives, any interactions and correspondence on the website is encrypted before it travels through cyber space securing not only you but your potential customer as well.

But what difference does it really make?

Well since July 2018, Google implemented a protocol that favours Secure websites in a Google search, so if your competitor has a secure site and you don’t, your competitor will appear above you in a Google search.

Securing your website drastically reduces the chances of your website falling victim to Domain Hijacking which can cause drastic loss to the company both Financially and to the integrity and reputation of the business.

While all this Web talk may be something you will simply hand off to your Web Provider or developer there is one thing that you as the business owner need to understand regarding content on your website because having a secure domain is not the only thing to concern yourself with.

Information overload on a website is a Double-edged Sword. Too much information, text or otherwise might confuse or bore a potential client, however Hackers love this as it allows them to enhance their social Profile on your business and the employees that work for you. Try to adapt the concept of Less is more, only share the Need to Know content and keep the rest for Social Media interactions.

By: Kendra Houston-McMillan
CS-it – Training Consultant