The Importance of a Business Website – By Kurai Masocha (TechOasis)

The Importance of a Business Website

What is it?

According to Computer home, “A site or website is a central location of various web pages that are all related and can be accessed by visiting the home page of the website”. A business website is there a site that is developed solely for the purposes of generating business such as getting new leads, offering transaction functionalities to users etc.

What constitutes it?

A good business website should have the following:

1. A good design – it must be user friendly & user intuitive, and must focus on converting website visitors into clients.
2. A clear call to action – It must define what the business requires the visitors to do on the website.
3. A story page – This is required as it establishes a connection between brand, consumer and the individuals. A well written story page appeals to visitor feelings, and it links to the full profile of the face behind the business.
4. Organic Search Ranking – Well crafted keyword attributes are non negotiable on a business website. These will aid in getting organic site visits.
5. Social proof – Adding social links on the website to increase multiple interaction points.
6. Mobile responsiveness – If the website is driven by digital marketing, chances are your visitors are coming from mobile devices, therefore the site should conform to the mobile platforms. You can also re-route visitors coming from mobile devices to your mobile application which increases your conversion rates drastically.

Benefits of a business website

1. It offers low advertising costs compared to traditional methods.
2. Round the clock availability – You are able to tap into other regions and markets with 24 hour website availability.
3. Analysis of customer behaviour – With a business website, you can track and see which products your customers are interested in by the amount of time they spent on the page and various other metrics.
4. Niche Markets – The relatively low cost of running a website allows small and medium sized companies to cater for small niche markets.
5. Business Profile – The website becomes your online business profile, with well written client portfolios.
6. Customer Feedback – The website offers an easy and quick platform to get customer feedback.


In this day and age, having a website as a business is a must, It portrays the image that you are indeed seriously in business.

Kurai Masocha