About Us


To create a warm, friendly networking platform and a dynamic presentation that transfers business knowledge, in order to support financial growth.


To care for our fellow-members & facilitate competent business choices in order to produce a successful community.

Strategy – Measurable Results:

  • Members and Guests will be greeted in a warm and friendly manner.
  • Committee members will be the “host” at a table at every networking function.
  • Committee members will bring one visitor to every networking function.

Strategy – Measurable Results:
Dynamic Presentations:

  • In order for any NEW speaker to be allowed the privilege of using the CBF platform he/she must give:
  • A 15 min. presentation to the management team,
  • Use professional tools to accommodate the presentation,
  • Have a 8/10 or higher evaluation.

Strategy – Measurable Results:
Transfer Business Knowledge:

  • Information must be relevant and current,
  • The speakers’ style must be linked with the content. Content must be creative and practical,
  • Presentation should be (either / or) :
  • Interactive,
  • Take on workshop / seminar format,
  • Must have literature, handouts, CDs, etc.

Strategy – Measurable Results:
Support Financial Growth:

  • Measure financial growth:
  • CBF Members = 80% Entrepreneurs. (Suggestion: Can check turnover over the last 12 months before joining).
  • 11th month just before renewal – ask the same question: “How much business was a direct result from CBF members or through referrals from the CBF?”
  • We believe corporate financial growth equates to visibility. Do you believe that you’re investment with the CBF has given you the opportunity to expand your brand in Centurion?


  • Networking: To create opportunities for personal and professional growth in a safe environment.
  • Chamber: An NPO that focuses on: linking business people connecting business opportunities sharing business knowledge.
  • Community: To unify people in a positive and encouraging way in order to work together for the best of the whole.
  • Financial Growth: To establish a platform to expose our members’ products and services that will lead to an increase of their revenue.
  • Integrity: Our motive is to have our members’ best interest at heart.
  • Ethical: Being honest and truthful in our communication to others, friendships and business partnerships.
  • Care: Being hospitable to make our members feel genuinely appreciated.

2013 Survey Results

  • Q: What are the 3 most important topics you would like to listen to from a Motivational Speaker?
  • 19: Personal/business growth, 15: Marketing, 11: Financial growth.
  • Q: What aspects of the CBF do you enjoy the most?
  • 35: Networking
  • Q: What are your top 3 expectations from the CBF?
  • 22: Networking, 15: Business Growth, 12: Visibility